Things You Didn't Know About Golf


Golf is one of the oldest sports to have been invented. The modern form of the game traces its origin to the 15th century Scotland. What remains unclear is its ancient origin. Throughout the years, the game has undergone several transitions to become what it is today. To help you understand this sport, we have listed some interesting facts you probably did not know about the game.


The original golf balls used to be made from wood until the year 1618 when the feather ball was introduced. It was made with goose feathers that were packed tightly into a horse or cow hide. Similar data about this are discussed at Currently, depending on the company that makes the balls, the number of dimples on the ball will range from 330 to 500 with the average being 336.


Another fact you may not have known is that the balls travel faster when the weather is hot. The warmer the rubber, the more resilient it becomes.


It is not true that the word golf stands for "Gentlemen only ladies forbidden", that is just an internet myth. In fact, almost 25% of professional golfers are female. January 1, 1881 was the year that the first women's golf tournament was played in Musselburgh.


On February 6, 1971, golf became the first sport to have been played on the moon. Alan Shepard hit two golf balls before the Apollo 14 left the lunar surface. You can find more of this in the site at


The par 77 international Golf Club in Massachusetts is the longest golf course in the world. It measures 8325 yards. The highest is the Tactu Golf club in Morococha, Peru. 14,335 feet above sea level is said to be its lowest point. On an average Golf course, chances of one making two holes-in-one are one in a million. When one makes 3 shots under par on a hole it is referred to as an Albatross or Double Eagle while 3 shots over par on a hole is known as a Triple bogey.


As the years go by, golf keeps evolving and it has become one of the most popular sports that is played professionally and for fun. It has many social benefits. It is also applauded for the health benefits that players are able to gain by playing the game. It is also easy to play.


These are just some facts you may not have known about golf. There could be more but one thing that is clear is that many people enjoy playing and watching the game. Do you want to know how much is yours worth?